Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Cyber likes APK latest Version Download for Android

Hello, here we are publishing an Android application called Cyber likes or Cyber liker. Those people who are using Android smart phone or tab, and found of getting more likes, comments, followers and also getting more friend request on their Facebook profiles and pages, here we have managed an application to get more Facebook likes and reactions, comments and followers by using Cyber Likes Android  APK.

Like other Facebook auto liker applications, you can also increase your Facebook likes and reactions (LOVE, HAHA, SAD, ANGRY and mixed), comments and followers by using this Android APK through a very easy and simple process.

Cyber likes APK is being developed and published by Cyber likes for those people who loves to increase their likes and comments on their Facebook profiles and pages. By using this Facebook autoliker you can boost up real likes, comments and real fried requests and followers will automatically be increase. By using this Facebook autoliker you can increase your likes or reactions up-to 60 likes on per submission. And if you want to get more likes and reaction then you have to wait till 15 minutes and submit next submission after 15 minutes. You can submit 5 times in a day. And 15 minutes requires for per submission.


1. Download the Cyber likes APK from given link.
2. Open the Cyber likes.
3. Click on the Logging with Facebook.
4. Enter your Email address or Phone number and Password and log in.
5. Verify that you are not a robot (ask some simple questions)
6. Select the post on which you are trying to get likes.
7. Make privacy to public.
8. Choose likes or reaction limit ( up-to 60 on per submission)
9. Choose the type ( LIKES,LOVE, WOW, HAHA,SAD,ANGRY and MIXED(LHW)
10. Click on Auto react.

And wait till 15 minutes for next subbmission. If you want to get more then do the same procedure after 15 minutes.

Download here

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