Tuesday, 29 May 2018

FaceRig Latest Version Download for Android

Download the latest version of FaceRig app for Android:

Hello guys, we've been able to share one of the most popular and awesome android apps for your FaceRig android devices. FaceRig's download link (android app) is provided at the end of this post. Users can download the FaceRig app's apk file from that link. You may be interested in going through some descriptions and features about this app before downloading the app.

FaceRig is basically an android software program that allows anyone with a webcam to digitally embody, method or express awesome characters in simple words. It is meant to be an open creation platform so that everyone can create and import their own characters, backgrounds or props into FaceRig.

FaceRig Mobile allows users to embody fantastic full 3D avatars and use the amazing Live2D avatars that have been developed in Japan. They can import their 2D character using masks, or more recently, and animate it using our app. You can also create your messages with FaceRig Mobile! Record films and share them with any network of social media.

Features Of FaceRig:

  • Real time facial animation: Anyone with a webcam can digitally embody awesome characters. It is meant to be an open creation platform so everybody can make their own characters, backgrounds or props and import them into FaceRig.
  • Fun and easy to use: Use FaceRig for your online chats, record vlogs or transform your party into a fun, freestyle impersonation show.
  • Instant digital cosplay: Webchat on Skype or Google Hangouts as our cool characters, with their diverse expressions.
  • Real time voice processing: You can tune your voice to be more like that of the character using real time pre processing.
  • Stunning render quality: Using physics simulations, particle effects complex and real-time lighting, everything is high quality.
  • Customize your own: You can design and share your own crazy or cool character. Our community is awesome!
Besides the above mentioned features some other features of FaceRig you might be interested to know,
  • Full 3D avatars
  • Get rewards for daily log-ins
  • Unlock more than 40 incredibly realistic avatars
  • 20+ Face Masks for up to 5 users. Try them out with up to 5 friends.
  • RealTime FaceSwap with up to 5 different faces that can be swapped between each other.
  • 15 Free backgrounds to choose from.
  • Custom Live2D avatars. This feature gives 2D artists the chance to add their own art into FaceRig.
  • Record Videos and share them easily on social channels
  • Make Awesome digital cosplay #selfies
  • his app does require Google Play Games to be installed on your device and up to date
  • This app does not support custom ROMs
  • This app does require access to your device’s camera and microphone
  • This app does require access to the Internet
  • This app does have analytics to track events
  • This app does not collect personal information