Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Fooview download for android

Download APK file of FooView for android:

Hello guys, here we have managed to share a wonderful android app called Fooview for all android mobiles and tabs for free. If you're already searching for Fooview app for your device then you have come to right place here. We have provided the downloading link of Fooview app at the end of this post. Users can download the apk file of Fooview app from given link. Before proceeding to download the apk file of Fooview app you might be interested to go through the features of this app.

Features Of Fooview:

There are almost 20 features in on app which prevents you to install other app which saves your phones storage also. All the freatures in this app very usefull for android users. Interface of this app is very easy and simple. Here are some features of FooView app;
  • Regional Screen Record: This app allows you to record the screen directly. You can record the everything through this app.
  • Multi Screen Record: You can make a screenshot thurough this app. you can crop the screen or make full screenshoot.
  • Multi Shape Screenshot: Through this app you can also make a screenshot in multiple shapes like a circle shape, heart shape or star shape andother more shapes. 
  • Pinned apps or Shortcut: This app allows you to make a shortcuts of app which you have installed in your mobile. By making shortcuts you can easily access to your desired app. You can make a shortcut whatever you want like image, app, music or video.
  • Image Search: This feature of this app is really amazing. you can also the image through this app. If you have an image and want to know about this app you can easily search that image through this app.
  • Direct Send: If  you are using facebook or anything else in your device and want to share the image or text with your friends then you can easily send the image or text by just making a screenshot of the that thing which you want to share then just tab on the share button and share with your friends and family.
  • Copy Text: The another fantastic features of this app is that it can copy the text on screen easily and simply. You can also copy text in images.
  • Translate: Here you can easily translate any word or sentences through this app.
  • Create GIF files: If you want to make a GIF of some images then this app helps you to make a GIF of these images. You just need to select the images and create a GIF file.
  • Back Button: This feature of this app is really useful for those who's mobile's back button isn't working. You just need to swap right the Fooview icon then you can get back. Notification Bar: Just like right swap for to get back, if you swap down the notifications bar will open.
  • Browser: By swapping upwards the icon you can directly reach to browser.
  • File Manager: When you swapping up the Fooview icon you directly reach to file manger.
  • Player: This app also have a video or audio player.
  • Weather forecasting: You can also forecast weather by swapping up the icon.
  • Game.
  • News.
  • Remote manager.
Fooview is really very useful app for android users. you can try this app by downloading the app form given link.