Friday, 4 October 2019

Crashlands Full Version APK Download


Crashlands is an epic plot arc-driven adventure-crafting RPG. You'll be thrusting Pelvis first into a wild tale with a cast of personality-bloated characters from the moment gameplay begins. So what good would those characters be if they were free to do their own things? The cast of Crashlands is completely helpless, giving you countless chances to quest.
Create tools and stations to break down the resources of the earth, discover new recipes in the process, and then BUILD ALL THE THINGS as you explore the world. Craftables get ever more intricate and ridiculous: harvest using rockets, place your dog on a Laser Leash, and become the master of Time and Space,Crashlands is listed in our website's Role Play section. It can be installed with at least Android OS version on smartphones and tablets. You need to click the correct green button on the page of the app to access the APK folder. Weights of the crashlands 117.46 Mb.

You should be aware that our website only offers performance APK files that can be downloaded from our servers at the fastest speed. This software is available as version 1.4.33. We also provide updated APK file for big Crashlands fans that can boost their various features. You must press the red button on the request page to download it. You can also use this feature on other phones using Android emulators.

Obviously, you're going to want an epic base to hold your huge collection of tamed beasts, craft stations, and decorative pillows. Aw yeah,basebuilding,where you are slowly plodding around, opening and closing repeatedly, searching through your massive stock, and constructing your masterpiece ever so painfully. Oh wait. Crashlands base-building is not boring. It's more like drawing with your hands. Only pop open Build Mode, take advantage of the relaxing muzak and build your living quarters instantly


Crashlands is an inventory-free crafting game, a wonderful build mode, an epic plot, tameable animals, and a glorious combat system. IS NOT ALWAY FOR YOU!? What if we throw co-op, cross-platform cloudsaves and fishing in a 2-player couch? DONE.

More info
For about two years, more Data Crashlands has been growing. It began as a cathartic outlet after Sam, the painter, was diagnosed with cancer in November 2013 for the three brothers behind Butterscotch Shenanigans. A month before we started the game, Sam was finally told he was in remission (and is still in remission today), so it was an emotional journey!

APK Requirements and Details

Android version available: 2.3 or higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets
Available storage space: 89 MB or more Internet connection required to play.

Installation Instructions

Download one of the [ APK ] files below (the MOD version is the HACKED app) or try the [ Google Play ] version; switch the.apk file to your smartphone or tablet and download it (if you're on the mobile phone, simply install the apk tapping on it); start the app and have fun with it.


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