Friday, 4 October 2019

Township Full Version APK Download

Township is a game of farming and the building of cities. Skills required include fine motor skills and problem solving. Parental guidance recommended to 14. Caution: purchase in-app, interactivity online.

Ownership is a game of agriculture and the development of cities. The aim is to select buildings and structures, harvest resources and further grow the city in order to increase the population. Problem solving and fine motor skills are the skills required to play the game.

Playing this game requires players to allow Township to access their device's images, media and data. When access is refused by the user, the app closes automatically. Players then have to sign in via their account with gmail.Players are given a short tutorial with a text describing that it is the' first day of Township treatment' of the game. Township is described as having its own assets, helicopter pad, railway station, etc. Players are then given an overview of a large agricultural region and a character named Ernie explains how to sow the wheat and feed the cows. It can take 20 minutes for milk to be produced to feed the cows, or this can happen immediately by spending in-game currency green notes. When players collect these items, a' Level Up' pop-up display shows their rewards (in the form of gold coins and green notes
Players then continue to create and produce goods in this fashion and construct larger structures to help the city work (e.g. bakeries, feed mills, dairy factories, etc.). Creating these structures involves spending gold coins in the game, with more complicated objects costing more to create. Can building takes a different length of time to build, but by investing in-game notes, this can be increased. Players gain points if they create a building or receive assets against their Experience score.

Information online
Connecting with friends via Facebook (and receiving 5 free green notes) or inviting / searching for friends if a player knows another user's username are possible. Players can visit other players ' towns, exchange presents ' and ' help each other ' expand their cities.


1 Different structures and decorations you can use to establish your dream city
2 Different crops to develop and eventually process in your factories
3 Friendly, enthusiastic townspeople with orders you need to fill
4 Your town mine filled with ancient artifacts to discover and acquire
5 Beautiful animals to care for* Farms to handle and extend
6 Exotic items brought from islands
7 A zoo to build where you can escape.
8 Play with your friends on Facebook , build your own clans with new friends in the game community!



  1. Is is similar to clash of clans game? Let me know as soon as possible...

    1. when I played the Township Mod Apk game shared on Gamehottrend I played the game faster, when I didn't have to wait.

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